(PC11) 8P---8P CPU/EPS 18AWG Cable (JSSG360)

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8P---8P CPU/EPS Cable with JSSG360 Dual-sheilding, two hook-up wires options:
--- Gotham OFC Copper 18AWG in PVC Jacket
--- Neotech UP-OCC copper 18AWG in Teflon Insulation
--- JSSG360: Pre-built JSSG360 dual-shielding, in Black Cotton mesh sleeved
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  • (PC11) 8P---8P CPU/EPS 18AWG Cable (JSSG360)
  • (PC11) 8P---8P CPU/EPS 18AWG Cable (JSSG360)
  • (PC11) 8P---8P CPU/EPS 18AWG Cable (JSSG360)
  • Description
  • 8P---8P: standard CPU/EPS power supply cable, suitable for all standard Motherboard
  • Cable Length: Including the length of connectors at two ends
  • JSSG360: Two layers of copper shield mesh to protect cable from the complicated EMI(Black sleeved)

Hook-up wires
  • Gotham: Stranded Copper 7x 0.388 (0.823 mm²), 18AWG in PVC Jacket, Highest OFC copper in all Gotham Cables
  • Neotech: Stranded Copper 19x0.25 (0.932 mm²), 18AWG in Teflon Insulation, 7N (99.99998%) Purity Copper wire

Order Handling / Custom Length
  • Handing time: 3-4 business days, since all cables are handmade carefully, thanks your patience
  • Up-Level price policy for custom length: 0.35m = 0.5m, 1.2m = 1.5m, ...
  • Welcome any other questions, please mail to [email protected] to contact us

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