1) Latest Solderless Hypex Mono Case-Kit
  2) ICEpower 250ASP/500ASP/1000ASP Case-kit
  3) New Stereo: GA-S500P 500w x 2 $1,099/pc
  4) Latest Feedback of M500P Mono Block:
These amps are fantastic, really impressed with both sound & build quality, really appreciate the dimmer leds. They sound similar to monos I had w/1000ASP, but to my ear they sound a little more neutral, bass is still punchy without being overpowering. Your amps are the best I have heard so far, comparing to amps using 500A/500ASP and the much lauded 1000ASP. ------ James from USA
GA-S500P Stereo
Stereo 500w x 2ch
Powered by ICEpower
GA-S250P Stereo
Stereo 250w x 2ch
Powered by ICEpower
GA-S125P Stereo
Stereo 125w x 2ch
Powered by ICEpower
GA-M500P Monoblock
Mono Block 500w
Powered by ICEpower

DC Oyaide DC Cable

A09 Canare RCA (M to M)

B01 3.5mm to RCA(M+M)

D11 3.5mm AUX Cable

U01 USB DAC A-B Cable

S01 Canare Speaker